About our adventure

photo (3)Tootiki, en jordnära och lugn karaktär i Tove Janssons böcker om Mumin

In August 2014 we will embark on the journey of our lifetime; from the tiny town of Kulla on an island in the Stockholm archipelago  we will set sail for the Caribbean. For ten months we will live aboard a 38 foot long yacht named Tootiki. On the boat we will bring with us an unholy amount of stuff for safety and for passing the time; snorkeling gear, a GPS, a radio, computers, a life raft, surfboards, windsurfing equipment, lots of books, musical instruments, maps are among the things we will cramp into the very limited living space.

The seed for adventure was planted in each one of us long ago, as was the love for the ocean and nature as a whole. All of us being connected to sailing in some way or another it seemed only natural that the mode of adventure for us would be that of an unforgettable cruise of exploration and adventure. We hope to explore and take part in the culture of the places we visit as well as adventure into the wild nature that still exist along the coastlines that we will pass. We want to prove that the adventure we embark on exists, and that it is a fantastic mode of travel for those who have access to it. We are also humble to the fact that it is a great privilige for us to be able to conduct such a journey. Follow us on this blog and you shall see how the story ends!


3 thoughts on “About our adventure

  1. What a great goal – we have to keep reminding people of the impact that we all make on our environment and that it is fragile. Best wishes to you on your journey not only on Tootiki but always – we will keep touch to see how you are doing!

  2. Hej!
    Har följt er lite till och från.
    Vilket fantastiskt äventyr ni är ute på.
    Blir dock lite nyfiken, har ni fiskat något och hur har det gått?
    Det var så jag kom i kontakt med er, när ni ställde frågor om fiske på fiskesnack.com
    Må väl!

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