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Hi there,

After finishing year twelve I had big plans to start my studies and hurry towards some organised later stage in life. However, after some consideration I discovered that since armageddon could be in a year’s time I wouldn’t want to have lived my whole life studying… Apart from having willingly chosen to read natural sciences I considered myself a mentally sound individual and I decided that I needed to take a deep breath before I took the plunge into an ordinary student’s life. I traveled alone to Australia where I worked as a professional sailing instructor and coach . In my spare time I windsurfed and surfed as much as I possibly could.

Having raced several kinds of dinghies at different levels since a very young age you easily forget that there is more to water sports than trying to win a regatta. After living in Australia for almost four years I have found another side of the ocean than courses, starting lines, rules and competitiveness; with surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving I discovered that the best sportsman is the one who has most fun!

Longing for another adventure I was stoked when my sister asked me to join the crew in a transatlantic voyage. A cruise across an ocean is something that  I’ve always wanted to do so I decided to postpone most of my studies another year and join the crew (on the condition that we bring windsurfing gear for the gnarly wind and wave conditions in the Caribbean). I’ve always loved daring and quirky adventures and the idea of living aboard a yacht and sailing wherever the winds are blowing and the iron sails (the engine) can go is very appealing to me. You can basically go anywhere you like; Amsterdam, the beaches in Portugal, the reefs in the Caribbean and probably Narnia too if it exists.

  • Born and raised: Sweden and Australia
  • Position on boat: Everywhere and nowhere.
  • Quote: “Be happy like an oompa loompa in the Chocolate factory”
  • Favourite three things: Three bags of chips.
  • Will study during the year: Philosophy.
  • Afraid of: Malin and diseases ( if Malin is reading this: “these are not the droids your looking for!”)
  • If I was an animal: I’d like to see myself as a dolphin but a sloth might be more accurate…
  • Favourite dish: Anything as long as it is a large quantity and not cooked by me.




One thought on “Markus

  1. We are amazed that you fit windsurfing gear on board with 4 people – we would never have found the room but can tell it is a priority of yours – hope you get to use it! Great meeting you the other day – enjoy your travels!

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