I am 22 years old and currently studying third year of medicine in Uppsala. I have sailed for as long as I can remember, both cruising boats and racing dinghies, starting out with the optimist and then moving on to International Cadets in Sydney for three years, sailing the World Championships in Holland 2008. I do surf as well, but not as good as my brother Markus. I love to explore new places and I speak french (almost!) fluently. Traveling with the wind is an idea that has appealed to me and I would dare say that the whole idea comes from me. I love the sea and have a special interest in whales!


  • Born and raised: Born Uppsala, Sweden. Raised Uppsala, Sydney and Paris. Lived in Lausanne also.
  • Position on boat: Captain
  • Quote: Always be happy!
  • Favourite three things: Sunscreen, sailing, horses. And the OCEAN of course!!!
  • Will study during the year: Marine Biology, Astronomy and more!
  • Afraid of: In this context I am afraid that something bad would happen to someone on the boat.
  • If I was an animal.. 
  • Favourite dish: something spicy


IMG_7850          malin 



5 thoughts on “Malin

  1. It was great meeting and having a chance to talk to you the other day – we wish you the best and will follow your travels with interest. Best wishes for fair winds to you on your journey!

    • Thank you so much Janis and Bob, you really saved us with all the useful knowledge and superb teaching!
      We went straight to Amsterdam over two nights and had some great nature experiences with seals, dolphins and bio luminescence. Hoping your journey through the canals was pleasant!

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