I am 20 years old, and since last year I live in Norway to work and study sustainable development. Within the next few years, maybe I want to study law full time. I have been sailing since I was about eight to ten years old, mostly different dinghies. I have participated in many Swedish races, among them a number of Swedish Championships in 2-krona and 606. Recently, I have also started windsurfing aswel. I, like the others, love to travel and see new places. I was so happy when Malin and Markus asked me if I wanted to join this adventure, the oceans have impressed me as long as I can remember. During my studies in sustainable development I have further realized the huge value in these waters, something we have to preserve and take good care of. I regard this trip as the first very big adventure of my life, and a big opportunity to broaden my horizons.

  • Born and raised: Skåne and Sweden.
  • Quote:GE MIG HÅVEN
  • Favourite three things: friends, food and adventure!
  • Position on boat: Chef
  • Will study during the year: HP-provet
  • Afraid of: thunder
  • If I was an animal: eagle
  • Favourite dish: bacon



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