About the boat

Tootiki is a Bavaria 38 from the 1986. Tiki is a Mauri word (New Zealand) and means to travel. Tootiki is also a loved character in Tove Janson’s books about Moomin (stories very dear to all of us, especially to Engla who comes from Åland!).

She was bought by the Lundmarks’ parents in Croatia where the family sailed for two summers, exploring the coast of Croatia from north to south before bringing her back to Sweden. Since then Malin and Markus have spent many beautiful summers sailing her on the east coast of Sweden.

More info about Tootiki will come soon!

Ritning båt+rigg         Ritning skrov

Malin and Markus in Croatia           Tootiki, a calm and wise character in Tove Jansson's Moomin books

Tootiki (on bridge) is an independent, wise and calm character in Moomin. She is very wise and always has practical solutions when solving problems.


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