23-29/01/2015 – Union Island

23-29/01/2015 – Union Island

Screenshot 2015-01-29 16.19.32

What a paradise! There is always so much wind that we sleep bad at night, partly because of the rocking of the boat and partly because our sore muscles from windsurfing all day long.

Screenshot 2015-01-27 10.14.26

Union Island is a small island in the Grenadines (a group of islands between Grenada and Saint Vincent). Two frenchmen arrived here in with 350 slaves, however the island has been under British flag until independence in the late 1900s . Cotton has been the biggest production in the past, now it is tourism. About 3000 people live here. We arrived in Clifton harbour at night the and have stayed here since then. On our way here we got a Barracuda – delicious!

We stay with our boat right next to the reef and although the water may be flat there is no protection but a little tiny island a short distance away called ”the happy island”. We are lucky to have a good holding on our anchor!

We have been windsurfing until our hands bleed, our muscles feel like spaghetti and our bodies full of bruises! Because of the excellent conditions we all have improved a lot; Engla can go back and forth in light winds, Malin and Ivar planing and waterstarting and Markus bragging with his planing gybes.

Screenshot 2015-01-27 11.51.08

Engla spent one day in the school on the island, but she will have to tell the whole story (interesting!!).

Tomorrow the wind is dropping so we will go to Tobago Cays to snorkle with the turtles there.

Kram Malin!


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